Saturday, July 23, 2016

Astromech Droid Six Pack Drama & My Thoughts

Entertainment Earth revealed the Astromech set this week causing a big debate in the collecting community. This set is a win situation for me because I love Astromechs and this is what my site and Youtube is based around. Some paint applications are missing and the scale might be off but in the end this is not an issue because I am grateful that Hasbro and E.E. got together to bring this set to collectors. Sets like this do not come around often and it sucks people have to bash it like crazy because it is not to their standards or they had dreams of other characters that could have been brought to life in action figure form.

In the end people need to get over the idea of having a perfect scale or painted figure because these are action figures! Look back to when you were a child and got your first action figure, did you care if Luke looked like Mark Hamill? No, most likely not because it was all about the action figure and recreating scenes from the movie or making your own adventure. Action figures in this scale to me are never going to be perfect and I can accept that and not get all pissy when a line isn't painted or the color is slightly off. If you want almost perfect accuracy then 3.75" scale is not for you and you should probably start investing in Hot Toys.

I agree the description before the reveal can be misleading, the astromechs are using a great mold from the vintage collection and the articulation is great for astromech standards. I was actually surprised to see all astromechs because I was thinking it was only going to have one or two in the set of figures, once I found out this set was all astromechs my smile was stretching from ear to ear and I was hit by a wave of emotions on why I love collecting. This is what the hobby is all about, enjoying yourself and connecting with the passion of collecting without taking it too seriously. I hope in the end people pick this set up and learn to love it as their collection grows and not dwell on the bullshit. It just sucks the community focuses on the dumbest little shit and starts a lets bash Hasbro wagon, which is another topic I don't want to get into right now.

All I can say is that this set looks amazing and it is awesome to get some great clone wars astromechs and a couple OT sprinkled in. The box is so unique and it will stand out in the collection. This is my opinion on the astromech set and I don't really care what anyone thinks because I collect for myself and do not collect for others.

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