Monday, December 28, 2015

Put the ball in the hole....No put the hole in the ball!

Looks like a collecting variant has popped up this time for the 3.75" BB-8. Variant collecting appeals to some and I am guilty of this one depending on how much it impacts the collectible. I love variants for the fact that it gives the hobby a little more depth, creates conversation and opens up doors to other changed collectibles. First off the BB-8 that was first released back in mid September has no peg hole and is very light. Now in later releases with the Millennium Falcon and the Forest Mission 5 pack, BB-8 now has a running change with a peg hole in the bottom and feels a lot heavier. If you passed on the Unkar's Thugs 3 pack when it came out, you might have a hard time coming across the one without a peg and hopefully this little change doesn't impact secondary market prices. I would like to thank Ric from The Astromech Collection for giving me a heads up on this interesting find.


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